Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My friend from Angoon, Alaska (an island in Southeast Alaska) sent me the above pic and the following email. He's the one who sent the Bald Eagle pictures and awesome scenery photos. I thought you may find this interesting. I have edited the email.

You mentioned that you got rain yesterday and I thought that I would send you these pictures. We get so much rain up here that just about everyone wears rubber boots called "Xtratuf's". You see people from all walks of life wearing these boots just about any place that you go. My wife and I have even seen women wearing them with dresses on. Someone told us that it would be acceptable in southeast Alaska to even wear them with a wedding dress. :) We would call the boots "irrigating boots" in Nebraska and Montana, but they are pretty much standard issue here in southeast. (Don't need much irrigation here) I just thought that I would give you a little trivia from up here. If the rain keeps up down there, I will see what I can do about sending a few pair that way. :)

Talk to you later,

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