Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm In a Daze

Last monday morning, I dumped a load of corn at the Cargill Sweetners plant located about 25 miles south of here. I unloaded and then stopped at the mini-mart/truck stop and bought a bottle of Diet Pepsi and a Nebraska pick 5 lotto ticket. The drawing was last night and I just now got on the pick-5 website and see that I picked all 5 numbers. My birthday actually. The website says there was one winning ticket sold in Blair NE and the winner will receive 2.4 million. This changes things.
I'm sitting here kind of numb wondering if I should call my kids from 90 miles away so they can be here when I drive up the lane to tell Marilyn. The other question is whether to call friends or keep it quiet. Should I try to live life as I have been,(in which case I could just keep on farming til it's gone) or should I have a farm sale, and move somewhere. I'm not sure I like that option because I like it here. My belief has always been that there is something wrong with every place you could choose to live. Too hot, cold, wet, or dry. Too many people, too many bugs, too much sand, not enough sand, no lake, all lakes, and on and on. So I kind of like it here in Tekamah, I think the thing to do is try to pretend it never happened. I could use the point 4 million and get out of debt and buy a minivan that has less than 100K miles on it. I currently have 2 in that category.
We could build a house on the golf course in Tekamah overlooking the Missouri River Valley. But the problem there is I'd get tired of playing bad golf (several times a week) and quit doing that (golfing) then I'd be imprisoned by golfers playing golf around my house everyday and me hating the sport. I'd probably end up with a house on the right side of a fairway about 200 yards from the tee box and then I'd get grumpy and stand in my yard and pick up all of the 'sliced' balls that end up in my yard and I'd refuse to give their balls back and everyone would hate me. That and the golf course is out of my district so I'd have to resign my post as County Supervisor.
So...I'm going to call my boys now and tell them to stay in Lincoln. My daughter is outside feeding the horses and I'm going to tell her nothing about this. I've decided to try to keep this from Marilyn, if at all possible, (I'm tired of having to ask her for money everytime I want to go to town shopping)
And probably the hardest of all decisions I've had to make,,,I'm going to quit blogging, I'm sick and tired of you people. First I leave comments and they don't show up, then I leave comments and my computer won't send them. Then I write a good blog and no one leaves a comment. NOT ONE COMMENT!!! So to all of you out there. (insert your own raspberry sound here) Farewell. Oh and I just looked at the calender, Happy April Fools day.


terah said...

Cliff, you so had me believing you! AAGH! I completely forgot that it is April 1.

Anonymous said...

Good one Dad.

quinnabaugh umpire said...

you ought to have been born on this day. i have heard about all of the april fools jokes there are.

Anonymous said...

Good try. With April 1st at the top and Karen getting me first thing this morning, there was no way I fell into that one. Maybe next year.


Greg said...

I was going to say something smart about dad and his birthday being today, but I see that he has already been here. I did aks him once what he would do if he won the lottery, and he said the same as you..... farm till it was gone. :)

Happy B-day dad!

Cliff Morrow said...

HEY BLUE!! Happy Birthday!

magz said...

waahl, as i see it, you can take the boy off the farm, but not the farm off the boy, so my suggestion since yer used to the old homestead would be go ahead and keep farming, but change to some really haute cusine rediculous veggie like shallots, or sitake mushrooms, and then charge the Vegans a fortune for em. Marilyn might enjoy a couple of hired farmhands around, see me for what's available..
Maybe you could get one of them state of the art mobile DVD players for yer combine, with Dolby 5.1 surroundsound speakers of course so's that yer Eddie Arnold sounds right in yer face..
whatever you decide, enjoy yer birthday cliff! (got a special suit for it?)

bridgesitter said...

As I was reading your post, my mind couldn't help but wonder what wonderful things would take place if I won the lottery. Darn, then you spoil it by saying it's April fools day!! I was having lots of fun too. So does that explain why you have not posted to my sight forever? I feel like I could have written your last paragraph. Where is everybody?

Cliff Morrow said...

Bridgesitter, yes, one of my favorite things to do is think about the first couple of things I'd do if I had money or won the lottery. Since playing the lottery is a prerequisite to winning the lottery, I think I'm in trouble. Anyway yeah, It's fun.

Christa said...

Whooo Hoooo!!! That was an excellent April Fools. :) I was believing you there for a minute, breathlessly rushing on to the next paragraph thinking 'wow'.

I'm in Arkansas visiting family this weekend, and 2 disk jockeys out here decided their April Fools joke was to tell people that the space shuttle would be landing in some field. 200 people showed up to see it this morning!

What fun. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Anonymous said...

You rascal!! I had my phone in hand to call for a loan when I read the last line!!..."Okie Sis"