Monday, April 18, 2005


Don't miss Marty's and Ralph's newest blogs. Ralph's on tree plantings and Marty on baseball. Both are great.
This may not be a good day. The tee shirt I put on had a 'cling free dryer sheet', clinging to it.
I don't know why but that reminds me of the night my son tripped over one of our "useless" solar powered sidewalk lights and commented, "shouldn't we be able to see those at night"?
Okay, all of the quarterly reports except 941's and 943's are in the mail. Now will you people leave me alone. I hate the end of quarters.
I should be ready to start planting corn by tonight. So rain is predicted this afternoon.
Marilyn and I ran to town late yesterday afternoon and bought 1 clump river birch, 1 white birch, one Gala (Dw) Apple, and a nondescript red flowerdy plant (not the real scientific name) for one of our piles of dirt. (berm) Planted them all and then cut the limbs off of a couple of trees in observance of Arbor Day.


John Goerzen said...

Glad we're not the only ones that found the solar sidewalk light things to be completely useless. The ones that haven't yet broken (cheap plastic) put out light from about 8PM to about, hmm, 8:30PM. Before it's really dark. Worst $40 I've spent in quite awhile.

Rhodent said...
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Rhodent said...

I wish we could grow apples in Florida. I can remember living across the street from an apple orchard in Denville, NJ when I was little. We were allowed to pick apples whenever we wanted, and each year the owner treated all the neighbors to home made apple cider which we he made in an old wooded contraption (press)that would squeeze the apples. It was a wonderful place for a kid to live!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Just a couple of things. First happy Arbor Day glad you are planting trees. Those birch will be nice. Quarterly reports cause me a great deal of anxiety as well - it's like, "I've told you, I've send you an e-mail, now you want it on the form and we both know you will lose it". Oh, well.
On a happy note, put on a pair of jeans this AM (taking a day off). It had a sock in one of the legs. I thought it was a good sign - I mean I found a lost sock.

bridgesitter said...

Well let me tell you about dryer sheets. Actually it was a pair of pants I wore the second day in a row. I'm walking through the store and I feel something creeping down my leg, I'm thinking it's a dryer sheet and try discreetly to pull it out from under the hem of my pants only to discover a pair of bright colored panties. Nightmare, absolute nightmare. Especially in the checkout lane. What do I do with them? I don't have my purse, only a checkbook.

There's also the time when I was waitressing that I was in a big hurry to take a table, the resturaunt was slammed, people everywhere. I rush to this table greet everyone, "hello, how are you today, can I take your order?". I quickly pull out my pen from my pocket, looking at everyone, no one's saying anything but looking at me kind of funny, reason? I'm holding a tampon! Sorry if this offends, but it was pretty darn funny. Of course I excused myself and fled to the back, I didn't show up at that table again!

Anonymous said...

Saw smoke coming from your direction and thought maybe they had elected you Pope. Then I read your blog and realized you were just burning brush. Darn - you'd have made a good Pope.