Thursday, April 07, 2005

The View From the Porch

Looking up the lane. Spring is sprung. Someone needs to get the riding lawnmower out and blow up the tire. Corn planting will start out there behind the old shed. Very soon. More updates to follow.


Anonymous said...

Dad, I would like to request 2 blogs on subjects you just brought up. The first day your daughter took her sharp new knife to work, and the weasel in that old shed in the picture.

Greg said...

I can smell "spring on the bottom" in you picture. Dust, diesel exhaust, grease, and seed corn. It smells great. Glad to see everything greening up back there. We still are getting rain. It's funny about the things different cultures get ready for spring. Everyone here is gearing up to start fishing for King salmon. I can't wait for some of that. Thanks for the pic.

bridgesitter said...

Hi Cliff, you better post a picture from cabela's of those Walleye Whammi's for me!

But I'm curious, that ol' shed you keep referring to, is that one of those old homestead houses that you see every now and then?

I like how it's greening up out there too. Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby corn stalks as they start to grow.

Keep me informed.

Don't forget the walleye whammi's now.