Monday, April 11, 2005

The View From the (back) Porch

(Click image to enlarge) Looking out the back door during a downpour Monday afternoon. That's my garden tractor behind the pole, recently planted raised beds in the foreground (fortified with wire to make it harder for the dogs to excavate) and the berm on the right that I tried to burn down last week with a run-away fire. On the far right is the old barn that we hope to level in the next month or so. Ralph, how'd I do dehorning that apple tree??
Would you say someone needs to clean the gutters on back porch?


Rhodent said...

When I was little we used to go visit my Aunt Albina's farm in Minnesota. I have a lot of fun memories of time spent there. Seeing that barn reminds me of the one she had. Hope you get some sunshine soon. :o)

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

If dehorning is to farmers what pruning is to foresters, I could probably help you out. If that does work we could, in highly technical terms, whack it to the ground.

Greg said...

It looks like it finally started to rain. We have certainly had our share up here. It never seems to quit. The school ahd a bonfire a couple of days ago for the kids and the fire chief came with the fire truck and out it out stating that it was to dry out and we might have a wildfire. It has only been raining here everyday for the last 3 weeks. They don't know what dry is.