Friday, April 15, 2005

In Just 60 Minutes From Now

This post is to make all of you feel better. (As though you need an excuse on a Friday)
In Sixty Minutes, 8 AM Standard DLST, I am going to have the biggest filling in one of the 8 biggest teeth in my head ground out and rebuilt. Also the tooth next to it will be be ground away to a point to begin the capping process.
Whenever I play golf with the Dentist, I like to point out (to others in the foursome) that because of my family of 4, his garage, on his beautiful home on our golf course, actually belongs to me. Because I paid for it. I don't do that anymore, last year he tried to get me to come paint the inside of my garage.


Taza said...

Hi Cliff, well, your turn as the dart board? LOL...
I'm a friend of Magz' and liked your comment on her blog. I'm in driving distance (about an hour and a half from her) but haven't been out to visit recently.
Now YOUR place looks like a farm!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

You made may day look really good. How did it go?

Anonymous said...


That's what I always tell my chiropractor. I figure I'll just show up to sit in his hot tub/spa because I paid for the darned thing!!

Greg said...

There is a certain body shop in Tekamah whose owner used to plan his vacation around my sisters driving.

Rhodent said...

I've put a least one addition on my dentist's house... and the pediatrician used to say that we paid her mortgage each month! And that is with good insurance! Such is life.

Cliff Morrow said...

Hi taza, thanks for the visit. I hope you'll stop back.
Ralph we got er done. I hate waiting for the last effects of novacaine to wear off.
And hey the rest of you guys, it's what makes the world go round. Commerce!