Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Lucky Couple- Meet Tom and Steph

These two pics were supposed to be posted into the 'Blogger' blog below. There are about 6 copies of these two pictures floating around in cyberspace. They left here but never made it into my blog. But on the other hand, what's two hours in the life of someone trying to get ready for a wedding. My head is about to explode so I'm using Picasa so as to both get the job done and also to avoid a stroke. Anyway meet Tom and Steph. Sorry to have overdone all of this. I'll leave you alone now except for a couple of pictures of the Wedding when we return.
I've practiced my lines...Oh yeah, I don't have any lines. I've checked for any last minute details on the wedding that I needed to finish. Okay, I'm the father of the groom. I didn't really have any details. I'm renting shoes so I shouldn't need to shine anything. My favorite sneakers are black and they say 'leather uppers' and I think they would have shined up just fine. But NO...that wasn't allowed. I don't know what the big deal is. The shoes I'm renting have thin leather soles but the tall soles on my sneakers make me look a little less 'under tall' than I really am. AND they were assembled by hand in China. At least I didn't have to get my nails done.
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Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

What a wonderful time! Congrats to all. Did you wax your legs?

Britmum said...

Have fun Cliff and don't do too much sliding across the dance floor in your Party shoes.

Take care xx

Jamie Dawn said...

Mike's leg waxing comment is a hoooot!!

I read and scrolled down and read some more and thoroughly enjoyed all the photos all the way down to the one where Tom is holding little Casey.
I enjoy seeing pics so much, even the ones of Ralph's offspring. :)
Your words of love and warm welcome to Steph are so touching, and I am sure she is not only glad to have found her prince, but she must be thrilled that he has such a wonderful family.
God bless their marriage!!
Tom seems to be a product of a good soul and great parenting. I can sense how proud you are of him.
I hope you and Marilyn enjoy the wedding and are not too uncomfortable in your fancy clothes. I'm sure Marilyn will look radiantly gorgeous, and you will look splendidly under tall.
I look forward to the wedding photos!!

poopie said...

Congratulations all around!

Raggedy said...

I just loved it all. I think posting Tom and all the pictures was a wonderful gift for them.
The post about Steph was beautiful also.
All that you have said and shown has brought us closer to a beautiful union of two beautiful people!
I wish them all the best and I thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life with us. It feels so good to hear you talk about them..
Huge Hugs

Jim said...

Now, just think about how poor Marilyn feels. She can't even outdress the Bride's mother. She must pick a color that fits the scheme, etc.
Your shoes just blend. And you go with the flow for one day!
Congrats again to all!
Grandkids are next.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all. I'm in my motel room and am typing on Mrs Ralph's puter. The rehearsal and dinner are over and went so very well. It looks like we might be on the way to a successful weekend. Thanks for your kind words.

Jerry said...

You've given Tom quite a send-off with these past few posts. You're a proud papa and it shows. You and Marilyn done good and now, so has Tom.

Hope tomorrow is a glorious wedding day for Tom and Steph. Enjoy!

Rachel said...

Well today is the big day I guess. I know you are so proud of your kids Cliff. You have done a wonderful job with the posting about Tom and Steph.

Take care of the rented shoes!

Looking forward to pictures of the blessed event!!