Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Toast! Part 2

This is a four part series on a little boy who has won the heart of a lot of folks. He's getting married this weekend to a special lady. I wanted to chronicle some of his life and activities.

From Tom's elementary school age he has been regarded as the oldest member of the family. Speaking here about maturity. I can truthfully say that in the twenty five years I've know him I've never seen him out of control. Not even close. Or angry with another human. He doesn't do that. His brother says he has made a science out of taking it easy. He doesn't get carried away. He did get short with me one day. I was slamming something around in the shop because I was angry and he said, "Ah, knock it off Dad." I'm going to post some pictures today. I hope. They should begin to give you a sense of what this delightful person is like. I'll start where I left off yesterday. The above photo is Marilyn and Tom at Halloween. Tom as a witch and Marilyn is either clowning around or is a mime.

Tommy boy fishing! He started young. This was his Grandma Evelyn's favorite picture of him. She loved his long hair and really didn't like the thought of us cutting it.

This is Tom with big Sister Juli. She was kind of a second Mom for him.

Tom at the beginning of a better than average baseball career.

Tom fishing and enjoying life. He's done a lot of that. Yes, both.

Tommorrow's Tom Morrow will take us right thru high school.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww....i am loving this..

i love that fishing one too..that would be awsome in black and white..

oh gosh not the teen years..no kid should have to go thru that..hope u have his permission..hehe

Jim said...

These are wonderful posts. They even bring back some memories though we don't know Dan.
The picture of sister Julie was taken at about the age when Mom and Dad moved to town. She and Karen started their friendship then.
Those fishing pictures look like illustrations from Tom Sawyer. Very nice.
Keep on keepin on. I don't think it will matter about Dan's permission if he doesn't get upset about things. Maybe he holds his feeling in?

Anonymous said...

dad, so far, speechless, thank you.

You are a fantastic blogger!!!!Looking at your comments and pictures brought tears to my eyes...What a special guy i am marrying!!! (but i did already know that) :)

Britmum said...

Oh my Cliff these are wonderful photos of such a handsome chap.

You are such a great Dad and rightly deserve to be so proud.

Take care xx

Rachel said...

Ah Cliff, I see you have won Stephanie over already!! I am so happy for Tom. He does sound like a wonderful young man. That is a wonderful thing to be easy going.

This post is great. He is a cute little guy in the pictures and grown into a handsome man. I know the excitement is mounting as the time draws nearer!

1 plus twins said...

this was wonderful. the pictures are great and you should be so proud of your son. i hope your son reads this cuz it would really make him feel good to read how you feel. i think it is wonderful that you are doing this. i so look forward to next instalment!

Miki said...

Cliff, you are a great DAD! Looks like Tom will be too, he is drawn to the kiddies! I love the pic of him fishing in the yellow field, it seems to envelope him, embrace him! WOW! Thank you for sharing your pictorial and commentary with us, it is beautiful. My husband is the "quiet" type, doesn't get angry too often, plays by the rules, and is always respectful to others. Hope that my boys grow up to be just like him! Tell Marilyn congratulations too, and you too Cliff! Give the Happy Couple a big kiss all the way from NY!

TamWill said...

He was one of those lil boys that probably got his cheeks pinched for being sooo cute.

I like the fishing picture...also the baseball one.

What a mighty fine family you have.
I wish I had Tom's temperament.
Hopefully there will be part III?

Jerry said...

Love the "Huck Finn" picture. That is a classic.