Monday, August 07, 2006


The heat has moderated a bit.
I actually heard our central air cycle for the first time in a few weeks. When it went silent I thought maybe it had malfunctioned.
We got some rain.
The irrigation wells are silent for a bit if not for the year.
We've had two 40 horse electric motors go bad in the last 2 weeks. Nothing a lot of $$$$ and time won't cure.
Center pivot sprinklers breaking down.
Center pivot sprinklers getting stuck.
Corn and bean prices are in the dumper.
The blackbirds are beginning to 'school'. It's one of my surefire signs that the cool, crisp air of fall is about here. The months of fall are the only reason we all stay here in Nebraska.
Contentious board meetings.
A bit of golf.
Preparations for my son's wedding.
The county fair is on!!
The flowers in Marilyns pile's of dirt (berms) are in full bloom.
Marilyn's kennel is in a constant state of overbooked. She stands in the kennel each morning and asks for volunteers to live outside until the next available pen is open.
Someone needs to mow the road ditches again.
And the lawn.
And the farmstead. (weeds actually, but if you keep them mowed they look like a lawn from a distance)
I have very little time to blog and visit other blogs but hope you'll stick with me until I can get back to my routine of late night maurading.
Remember: "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction."
I wish I'd said that.


Miki said...

Don't worry, Cliff, I will stick with you. Hope that you get the irrigation back on track, and that the heat stays away. I can't do anything about the prices of the crops, but hopefully that too will improve. Thanks for stopping by, and do so when you can!

Jim said...

Welcome back on a rainy day.
It sounds like there are ups (whatsup) and downs. Is our exercise for today to organize them into ups or downs?
We need the corn and bean prices to go up. Drink more ethenal and biodesiel you guzzlers!

One I don't understand, "blackbirds are beginning to 'school'."
1. Litterally blackbirds, but then I don't know what their schooling is.
2. Blackbird is a local saying [after I left the area] for kids, as they are just about ready for school. A few started here today, most will before the week is over.

Oh yes, thanks for the nice comment on Sam Houston this morning.

Jerry said...

Just take a notebook with you and write down ideas and observations as they occur. Don't think of it as work / repair, but gathering fodder for the blog.

Now go knock out that "to do" list. We'll be here when you return.

Rachel said...

Great to see a new post Cliff. I was getting worried about you. Sounds like you have been very busy, and Marilyn too!

We'll hang in there and wait until things slow down a bit and you can get back to blogging. We miss you but we understand.

Cliff Morrow said...

Jim, blackbirds get into big groups (I call them schools)in the fall here and feed on all the bugs and such to get ready to vacate the premises. They are smarter than me. I just hang around.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well sounds like the farm is keeping u busy and the dogs are keeping marylin busy..

u both need a vaction.

and i never get too close to farm animals...

Jim said...

Thanks, I see now. Like schools of fish. I'm not much on hunting or fishing. I have shot a lot of blackbirds in my youth with a bb gun.
Those blackbirds are about the only farm animals you have. Horses don't count. Neither do all the pets the Mrs. M keeps and/or grooms. She's a mean nail clipper, ask Adi.

Britmum said...

Oh Cliff I am sorry its so crazy on your farm. I hope things settle down soon. I will be here when you get back. Your not on my black list yet.

Take care lovey. xx

Raggedy said...

hahaha at last line! BTW: You did say it because if you didn't put it here I would never have heard it...
I hope things settle down soon. Ouch on the motors. Gone are the days when you can get them rewound. I spose you have to buy new ones now.
Post whenever you can. We understand how busy things can get.
Our lawn burned up because of the heat and lack of water. It looks all yellow.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Cliff Morrow said...

Well Raggedy, actually you can get them rewound. On one I paid to get it rewound and the other I bought new so as to gain a week of irrigating. $2500 doesn't sound bad if you say it fast.

1 plus twins said...

wow!!! you sure are busy!! glad it is getting cooler for you. it is here in az too. thank god for that. can't wait till you get back in the swing of writing more.

TamWill said...

Hopefully you will post some fall pictures of your slice of heaven! :)

LZ Blogger said...

Just proves if you cut them and don't get too close. The grass looks good! I'll try that! ~ jb///

Peter said...

Ah the joys of farming Cliff, see you when you are not so busy.

Gette said...

Gret words of wisdom. When you come up for air, dropp by my blog. I tagged you.

Claire said...

Phew. Sounds busy - good luck!

**SilvermOON** GEL said...

Well, I posted a painting I made of snow on trees just to cool you off, but just this time, I'll let you off the hook. :)
(Later you can always click on the painting category.)
A joyous time to your whole family. No real blogging friend will desert you b/c of real life!