Saturday, August 19, 2006

We are back and it went oh so well. I have a lot of things to say about a lot of great people. But the hour is late for those of us who are old so I'll start the Wedding photo's with one of the groom with my Grandson. This boy dearly loves his Unca Tom. It's mutual. Pictures of the other family are being taken at this time. It's only about 45 minutes until starting time.
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Britmum said...

Are you going to be mean to me if I post first??

Well I am behind everyone by about three hours so there you go.

Very nice photo of two very handsome chaps.

I am glad that it all went swimmingly.

Take care xx

1 plus twins said...

how wonderful. i was so suprised to see you posted already. i thought you would have tied one on tongight and not been able to type. lol your son looks so happy. glad all went well and can't wait for more pictures adn more stories.

Rachel said...

Great picture Cliff! Get some rest buddy!

Jamie Dawn said...

Unca Tom and your grandson both look happy!
I'm sure there are plenty of smiles to go around.
I look forward to seeing more photos and reading more about the wedding.

The naked ladies should be ashamed!!! Buck nekid in the house of the Lord????!!!! :-)