Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Toast! Part 1

Later this week a very special occasion will happen in our family. Our youngest son Tom is getting married. Marilyn and I have some very special children who have excelled in many things. Dan has built a successful business in a very short period of time and has proven to be a player in the collision repair field in Lincoln. A lot of it can be attributed to Tom's help. Dan is proving to be a loving and attentive Father and Husband.
Juli is an excellent Mother, Musician, and groomer.... But this is about Tom this week so here goes.
Tom got to the age of five when I recall saying "that little boy has only cried a total of about 5 minutes in the last 5 years." He was contented as a child. Always has been I guess. The photo of him crying is a rare moment indeed.
The day he was born, at 4:30 in the morning, I drove the 25 miles to the hospital at about 90 mph. I got to the emergency room door, they took Marilyn and I parked the car about 20 yards from the door. I ran to the door where I was met by the nurse who shoved some sterile clothes at me and said if you want to witness this you better hurry, she's having the baby now. I got in the delivery room just in time to witness Tom's birth. As far as I know, that was the last time he was in a hurry.
He was a great baby and we kept waiting for the terrible two's or the terrible somethings to happen. They never did.
He was raised in a house right next to his Mom's boarding and grooming business. He liked to get up and have someone scramble an egg and cook it in the microwave. Then he would go with Mom to the kennel. He always did come and go as he pleased and had no slip ups. Completely trustworthy. One morning Marilyn stepped out to the kennel and before she could return, he got up, scrambled and microwaved an egg and ate it, and came out to the kennel. Marilyn found the evidence of this process later. He was three at the time. He is a good cook now but has graduated to bigger messes.
Tomorrow: Part 2


Jim said...

That was good for a three year old. Of course I believe everything you say about Tom.
My twins were playing baseball at two. But then, well they were gifted too.

Jim said...

Oh yes.
Britmum tagged me. At first I wasn't going to do it, but changed my mind and did it today.
Now I have to tag YOU.

You can wait until after the wedding or get someone else to do it for you. Suit yourself.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Congrats and applause, Cliff! ;)

Peter said...

You were very fortunate with Tom Cliff, did the others make up for it??

Miki said...

May Tom and his bride celebrate and love and have a wonderful life together! Congratulations to all of the Morrows! New and Old! No pun intended, Cliff!

Rachel said...

What an exciting week Cliff. And Ralph is coming to visit too! Should be such a wonderful time! You have great children for sure and soon a new DIL. You are blessed!

Britmum said...

Oh Cliff happy times in your house. How wonderful. You Tom is such a handsome chap.

Congratulations to you all.

Your family is so lovely Cliff. I hope my boys turn out just as lovely.

Take care x

1 plus twins said...

how exciting for you, a wedding. thanks for sharing this memory and i can't wait to read more. what a loving thing to do. i just love reading about your family you seem so close knit. keep the memories coming!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, how the pic of him crying, i think every kid has a photo like that..

i cant wait to see part two:)

Jerry said...

Nice tribute to Tom from a proud Papa. I hope I get to meet him the next time I make it out to Nebraska.

TamWill said...

Tom sounds like a really sweet fella! Your family is growing by leaps and bounds and now you are blessed with a DIL!

Can't wait to hear part II

Jamie Dawn said...

Hellloooo!! Congrats to Tom on his upcoming marriage, and congrats to you and Marilyn for being dedicated, loving parents.
Family is simple IT. There is nothing on this earth more precious or more important.
I look forward to photos and comments about the soon coming wedding.

My two week blog break is over, and I have much to share. I will have a new post up on Wed.

We had a very busy vacation with my parents and brother, and I am plum tuckered!! I need a vacation to rest up from my vacation. :)

Baby Tom crying in that tub is so cute!