Monday, August 28, 2006

Too little temptation kin lead to virtue....
Savvy Sayins (from the old west) by Ken Alstad

I've spent the winter, spring, and most of the summer waiting for just one ripe tomato from the garden. I laid in a supply of 'on sale' bacon and mayo (sorry Jamie Dawn) a while back, based on the sighting of a blossom. And then TA DA... we finally got one...a red, vine ripened tomato! And then a week later we're overrun with the little critters once again.
Our phone conversations in late August always end the same..."Do you have tomatoes?" "NO we don't need any of yours, we're trying to give some away ourselves!"
There's an old saying around small towns that I will paraphrse. 'You can always tell the horses (pa-tuties), they're the ones who have to buy their sweetcorn and tomatoes.'
This was half of yesterdays picking and in about a week, when we've canned all we're going to, you can stop by and load up the truck. If'n you need some for the table stop out today.


EV said...

Abbondanza!!! I'll take some. Couldn't help but be reminded of Idgie, too. :)

Miki said...

Wish that I lived closer, I could use a whole bunch of those vine ripe tomatoes. My husband just adores them, and so do I . I make lots and lots of salads, but no luck with a garden this year. We didn't get one in in time. Too busy with the kitchen and other things!

Mandi said...

There is nothing better in the world than a tomato fresh from the garden. There's just a taste to it that cannot be reproduced....yum!

Rachel said...

Looks great to me! They sure are a purty sight and tasty too. If I lived closer I'd take a few off your hands.

Those BLT's with mayo are soooo good!!

Jim said...

I haven't seen that many homegrown tomatatos from one garden picking except when we were in Nebraska.
I want some, please.
Of course you grew the corn too.
The BLTs will be really nice for Marylin while she is recovering. I knew you'd come through.

eyes_only4him said...

ok I dont like tomaots...unless they are in the form of ketchup or sauce.

but those look good..not saying i would eat one..but i like shiny things and red there ya have it..


Anonymous said...

Do you take FedEx orders?

Ralph said...

I'm just guessing but to eat all those tomatos as BLT's would take what - eight pounds of bacon and a couple loafs of bread? If you need help give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Yum, Ralph has the right idea: BLT'S!!
Gorgeous homegrown tomatos. I'm savoring them in spirit. :)

PinkCat said...

They look wonderful. I wish that I could stop by and get some. A bit of a long drive for some toms.

Take care xx

Jamie Dawn said...

If I lived nearby, I would head over and load up!
I LOVE BLT sandwiches, with NO mayo, of course.
My stomach churned at just the thought of that ghastly condiment. Jesus didn't eat mayo, and neither do I.

I have to settle for store bought tomatoes and sweet corn, but I hope to have a garden next year.
I guess I am admitting to being one of those horse's you-know-what's that you referred to.

Cliff said...

No JD, you'll never be in that class. That's really small town humor.

Anonymous said...

Cliff, does it count that we *tried* to have tomatoes last year, but they all withered and died?

(We think we picked a bad spot)

We didn't have time to bother this year, but we're already looking at options for where to put a garden next year.

I also want some fruit trees. We'll see what happens with that.

EV said...

"Jesus didn't eat mayo, and neither do I." Bwahahahahahah - still laughing.

Peter said...

Way out of season here Cliff, so you could ship a few over to Oz.

Rhodent said...

Those tomatoes look yummy! Most of the tomatoes we get in the stores here have very little taste. It seems that most of the really good Florida tomatoes get shipped out of the state... the only way to get good ones is to either find a good roadside stand or try to grow them yourself. But we do have really good fruit and fresh seafood!

Anonymous said...

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