Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tom At Work and Play

Here are some pics. I have no idea how they will come up on the screen. It gives a good overview of Tom's high school years. The photo of him running the sander is from Morrow Collision Center. He plays softball now, still fishes, golfs, and jet ski's. He is an excellent combine operator and gets home at least once during harvest to touch base and run the combine for me.


Britmum said...

Cliff if my boys turn out as well as your sons have done I will be an incredibly proud Mummy.

Such a wonderful family you have.

Take care

Cliff Morrow said...

Short for Britmum isn't BM is it?? Okay than...Hi Mum, thanks for reading all of this and I'm pretty sure your kids will do just fine. They've got a good Mom.

Rachel said...

He loves life!! Great pictures Cliff!!

Britmum will get you for that above comment Cliff!!

Britmum said...

Now now Cliff........ Don't be mean to me!!! Or I will have to come over with Bossey and you will have to go on the naughty step.

Rachel said...

Oh Cliff... on the naughty step!! Wonder where that is and how long you'll have to stay there??

Tisk, tisk, tisk.....that's what you get for being naughty....the naughty step!