Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Eagle's Have Landed

Our annual influx of Bald Eagles is underway. They have taken to sitting in the trees overhanging the road East of the kennel. For today at least. Marilyn and I took the grandkids down there tonight, in the pickup, and watched for a bit. They were feeding on the carcass of a dead white tail. There were 3 baldies and one more Eagle that was even larger than the three black and white birds. He/she was more brown than anything. Does anyone know, is that a male or a female or another species of eagle.


Anonymous said...

There is a lady staying with us, and she lives in Klukwan, Alaska, which is just north of Haines, and it sits in the heart of the Bald Eagle preserve. They have over 3,500 Bald eagles living around their area from November till mid January. I think this makes her some sort of "expert" on eagles. I asked her about your dilemma and she said that your brown eagle is probably a Golden eagle. She also thought that it might be an immature Bald eagle. She is not 100% for sure. I wonder what kind of expert she really is.


Cliff Morrow said...

Thanks Greg, I think I'll go with her golden eagle judgement. This owing to the fact that the bird is so much larger than the bald eagles. He had control of the deer carcass and the bald eagles ate when they were allowed to by the brown one. cliff