Thursday, February 24, 2005

Girls in 'Boys' Sports

I've not been a fan of girls playing traditionally boys sports. You know, boys play baseball and girls play softball. There was no way a few years ago that I would have been for girls in coed wrestling. Now I don't know.
Well, we have a set of twin girls who attend Tekamah-Herman Schools. They are little, serious, hard working dynamos. sp They wrestle at the national level in womens wrestling and were on the local high school team. Mind you it's hard to get on our local team, at least as a varsity wrestler. Witness the STATE CHAMPION banners that line one entire wall of our Gym. Tekamah Herman is a wrestling school. I invite you to read on Lisa's trip to the State Tournament. Qualifying for that is a tremendous feat. (boy or girl) The following three articles will give you an idea of the incredible amount of hoopla that went with her on her journey. First, Second, and the Third article.
I've been around these girls some and can tell you they are as serious as a heart attack and completely sincere. Very polite little girls.
Our local sports editor was in Lincoln when Lisa won one of her consolation matches and as our editor put it, an idiot from a television station stuck a camera in Lisa's face after her victory and asked if she felt like Brittney Spears. (owing to all the attention she was getting from the mob of sport writers following her around). Lisa stared at him with a 'what the heck kind of question was that' look and said "No, I don't want to be like her".


bridgesitter said...

I think that is so awesome. I read the articles and just want to state that I for one am very proud of her. Both her and her sister. They've worked very hard to get where they are. Good Job girls!

And thanks Cliff for posting that piece.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...


As you know I have a daughter involved in sports. I know how hard she works (and worries) to make the team. This is a great post and great articles. Thanks.