Monday, February 21, 2005

My Great-Great Grandparents

My Great-Great Grandparents Andrew and Sarah Morrow. Marty, just add a Great. Your boys will need to add Great X 2. Nothing was funny back then. At least not when a camera was present. It seemed to stay that way for a couple of more generations.
Andrew was the son or grandson of James who arrived here in 1774 from Ireland, with two of his Brothers. Andrew 1814 to 1895. Sarah 1815 to 1900. They had 15 children from 1837 to 1861. One of which was Rozzel. With 15 kids I'm guessing he didn't have to milk the cows himself. At least not often. They are both buried in Modale Ia.

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bridgesitter said...

This is also a great photo Cliff. Would ya look at that hat?! what year was this taken? I want details....where.....? I drive my husband crazy wanting to know details, sorry it just can't be helped.