Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Grandparents

These are my Grandparents, Edmon and Margaret Morrow. Edmon 1875-1928 and Margaret 1875-1947. I was the youngest of seven and born in 1950, so that's how close I came to meeting a Grandparent. Greg, this picture was probably taken near your parents farm. They lived a mile North of the Riverside Church and 3 or so miles East. By the looks of the pic I think they were on their way to Church. They are both also buried in the Tekamah Cemetery.


terah said...

It looks like your grandpa is almost cracking a smile! It must have been a good year!

Greg said...

Sounds like they lived around Mom and Dad' or Sammy or Bill's place.

Just to let you know, it had been raining for about 3 days straight. I am tired of mud and water. The mud isn't Gumbo, thank God, but I am still tired of everything being wet.