Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sunday Morning

It's not time to take a shower and put on my 'duds' for church. The ritual is the same. "Are we singing this morning?" "We should get there early". "We're Late".
So in anticipation of that event, I've decided to blog and thereby have a reason for being late.
I know that I have presented you with pics of cold weather. But it's gotten worse. When I awoke this morning, I opened my eyes and looked on the ceiling to see 43 degrees. (our time and outdoor temp is projected on the ceiling, I find it gives me 2 more things to worry about in the middle of the night) 43 degrees, and it's been raining since noon yesterday. Okay, frozen ground, 3 inches of mud on top and gaining, and now rain and lots of it. By the time we get to church (remember the 7 miles of rock road to the highway) and get done plowing through 40 large mudholes in the road, you will be able to use our van for a duck blind in an open field. Good idea actually. We would even have the big doors on both sides to fling open to attack our prey. Ducks who are in the air, out of the mud, and don't have the brains to stay up there. Or at least the brains to land somewhere on concrete. I at first thought there was little hope but I have now gained control of my senses and now have the answer.
Let us pray. Dear Lord, please stop the rain and bring a dry, hot south wind to dry up my road. I know we need moisture to raise our crops. But...Well it's two, maybe two and half months till we start planting. How about one good rain after the frost goes out. Or how about giving me the fortitude to stand up in a county board meeting and say "uh, as your chairman, I think it would be a good idea to forsake the one and six year 'road plan' and instead spend the money to pave County Road E". And then Dear Lord, give me something to say when the questions start about where I live in relation to County Road E. Like "well I'll be, that is close to where I live". Oh Lord, please answer this prayer, I know you will, You always do. Amen
I truly believe that God answers prayer but seldom this quickly. I just found out they forecast 12 degrees here Wednesday night. My hard surfaced road is on the way. Thank you Lord.


Jean said...

I have read your blogs and looked at your photos. The comments about winter, the lane, mud, and the photos are the reason people leave Nebraska and never look back!! Thanks for a reminder not to complain about two days in a row without sunshine.

Cliff Morrow said...

Even though it will take a year to play out, watch my blog, there will eventually be reason enough to live here.