Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Big'un

Here's an old one.
A small town preacher was in the city for a conference. He called his wife to ask her if she would find out what the youth minister wanted printed on the new sign. If she would leave a message with the desk clerk at the hotel, he'd stop and get the message after his morning session and then order the sign on his way home. "Be sure to find out the dimensions of the sign as well as what is to be printed on it", he told her.
At noon he went to the desk to see if there were messages. The wide eyed clerk told him to sit down because he wasn't going to believe this. The clerk cleared his voice and nervously said, "Your wife called, and I am to tell you For unto you a child is born, five foot tall and three foot wide".


Rachel said...

Cute one Cliff!!

And "Happy New Ears" to you!!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...


Peter said...

You're not near a nuclear waste dump out there are you Cliff?