Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Thoughts

I went to Omaha shopping yesterday.
I've done a lot of Santa work in years past, but not any more.
Both of these, have brought me joy, concern, sadness, a desire to reach out and help, or to give a pat on the back, and in a couple of cases a desire to slap the face of a few parents. As Santa, I've had to tell Mother's that their screaming child with stark terror on their little face "doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap, maybe next year, or maybe you could talk to me from over there where the child feels safe". And I've wanted to say "why don't you put that cigarette out and spend what little money you have on food and clothes,,,,, or soap",,, "or if you don't quit yelling at those kids, Santa's going to step on your toe with his big black boot".
I've had to ask Santa's little helper to find out who those people are, and their address, to see if I could help, or round up some help.
I've had little eight year olds, who were showing signs of really needing some parenting, (soap, food, clothes, toothbrush and instruction on how to use it) ask Santa not to bring them anything but could I please bring her little brother and sister some things to wear.
Yesterday I saw couples staring at each other while shopping with pure 'HATE' for each other, in their eyes.
Parents threatening kids by yelling at them in front of fifty strangers. We've never even yelled at cattle like that, when we were trying to herd them to a new pen.
Easy folks, it's Christmas. Find someone to listen to, to help, to counsel, to love, to buy food for, to buy gifts for, to share the story of Jesus with. To be quiet with. To mourn with. There are many people, in each of our lives, with pains and sorrow. To help a little, will mean so much, and the rewards will be many.

I have the best of the best, regularly reading my thoughts here. Thanks for letting me share with you in the past. I look forward to the future.
Merry Christmas.
See you Monday.


Dan said...

That was I good post Dad! Now I think I'll go give Madi a bath and brush her teeth.....again.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Merry Christmas Cliff. Excellent post. See you (or at least your blog on Monday).

Rachel said...

It is sad to watch parents with their children at times. Very sad. Last night I was reading the letters to Santa in the paper and it's so interesting. Some kids will ask for so many things and others will just ask for something for their parents or siblings. Some ask for peace and love. Others just wish Santa, elves, and reindeer a wonderful Christmas and say how much they love him.

Good post Cliff! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas.

poopie said...

That was a great read Cliff...and I couldn't agree with you any more. Merry Christmas ex-Santa ;)

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Whoa, Cliff, there's a lot to that post I've observed and can't agree more. Hmmmmm.

God bless you and yours. And a very Merry Christmas. I'll be thinking about you and yours - I'll tip one for ya buddy!

Jerry said...

Another excellent post, Cliff. I just wanna slap most parents these days.

Thanks for six months (I started blogging mid year) of great stories and fun times. Looking forward to another year of it.

Have a great Christmas, all you Morrows!

Miki said...

I understand what you are talking about. I have lost it a few times with my kids, but usually in front of the dogs here at home. I try to love and cherish those who surround me, they are truly precious to me, and I can't agree more that kids need to feel special, not just at Christmastime, but always. I try to make each of my three feel that they are the most special people in the world, everyday! Have a very Merry, and a Happy, healthy, loving, New Year!

JUST A MOM said...


Jim said...


Peter said...

Hope you had a good Christmas Cliff.

Paul said...

You'd fit in real good when we go out to serve meals. How 'bout joining us sometime. And you don't have to wear any kind of a suit, either.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless.

taza said...

Merry Christmas, Cliff, from your favorite left-wing blog buddy!

John Goerzen said...

Great post, Cliff. I had never thought about what a Santa must see, and how hard it must be to see all that.

I completely agree with all your thoughts on the matter.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Cliff Morrow said...

Thank You all for those comments. Yes, playing Santa to private functions was okay, but doing the whole town was hard. It would take you thru an emotional roller coaster.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Jamie Dawn said...

Some people just don't realize what precious gifts their kids are. They are too exasperated to notice what little wonders they are. It is depressing to see it.
Hope your weekend was wonderful!