Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008: The Year In Review

My next project for the Year in Review will be Blogstock. My mind doesn't allow me to do this as it should be done. I should be able to make a concise post that includes everything in order. It would include pictures and stories about those pictures. The problem is that I will decide on a picture and that brings so many memories to the top of my scrambled thoughts that it ends up like this. For the following Thought = T
T 1: I need to start with a picture of the Campbells and the Morrow's meeting a few months in advance of Blogstock.
T 2: When was that we met with them and where are the pictures. I'll go to the thousands of pictures on my computer.
T 3: I forgot about the having to put the hay up two days before Blogstock. There's Desiree helping me load big round bales and hauling them for me.
T 4: Rachel was there and helped too. Where is that picture?
T 5: Rachel picked a lot of cherries too.
T 6: Where are the pictures of Rachel Picking Cherries from our tree.
T 7: I shouldn't have capitalized picking and cherries.
T 8: Why won't the i button shut off.
T 9: It's off now and I don't know why. I didn't do it.
T 10: There's a picture of Rachel on horesback. It's a good pic but she's out of focus a bit, but not as bad as the horses head. He must have been shaking his head.
T 11: I'll bet Jamie Dawn would pay me to lose those two pictures.
T 12: Oh yeah, focus, where are the pictures of everyone planning for Blogstock.
T 13: Man I need to visit everyone on my blogroll.
T 14: Wait, I need to write another column for the paper.
T 15: That's a nice picture of Jamie Dawn, the Rev and me. I don't look as under tall in that picture as I do in the others. Those folks were as nice as I expected them to be.
There you have it my friends. If I try to do this correctly, I'll never get to it. I've decided to just post a picture or two and a couple of lines of copy with them. They won't be in order but they might be a bit more frequent. I guarantee only that they will be fond memories from the Morrow's of a gathering of quality people from around the country.
This is a picture of Desiree helping me load large round bales onto a trailer. I found out that she's had a great deal of experience doing almost everything concerning all kinds of equipment. She's a can do kind of gal.
One of my funniest interactions with her was two days before Blogstock we had already figured out that she was a hustler and she can't stand anything out of place. She was in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal with Rachel and I came through the kitchen with a Morrow Kennel cup half full of iced tea. I was going to refill it. Before I could say anything she grabbed it out of my hand, dumped it in the sink and put it in the dishwasher, pushed two buttons and it was being washed before I could ask if anyone had made more tea.
Todays Post:
I couldn't find the one of Desiree and the round bales (I will one day soon)but this one is a better starting point as it pre-dates the round bale harvest. (see what I mean about my mind being on scan)
This is a planning session picture of part of the Blogstock Event Staff in the early part of 2008. Marilyn and I are back row left side. Char and Ralph are back row right side. Desiree and Nate and family are the rest. The problem with this pic is that Desiree is taking the picture.
The next picture is a tampered photo in which I just added Desiree into the original photo.
Our farm is about equi-distant between the Campbells in Colorado and the Campbells in Illinois.
That's a good thing for us.
POSTlude: (get it, post..lude)For a bodyshop, a complete color change on a car is time consuming, meticulous work and much more expensive than most customers would care for. The problem is that the color wraps around every corner so the hood, front clip, windows, window trim, door jam moldings, doors, door trim moldings, bumpers and etc, all need to be removed to do the job right. A customer recently brought a grey or gray Suburban to Morrow Collision Center and the story in pictures can be found on their new blog.
If you can, add them to your regular reading list.


EV said...

Cliff ....

Never blog "post-lude". It's like brunk dlogging.

BTW, the Mustang and Suburban look absolutely great! Nice work.

Janell said...

Good review, Cliff. Blogstock was definitely the highlight of my summer.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

This is going to be a fun recap...

Maybe you and Ralph should just stop drinking iced tea and I would not have any worries about that glass.

OK OK we know that is not going to happen. I will keep working my type A issues!

Hey just a note for next time... When you edit MY photo cut a little of the back side would ya .

Great post Cliff !

Jim said...

Hi Cliff - I saw your temperature right off, it is even colder up there than down here (into the 20's last night). We came back a week too early.

That Morrow Collision Center did a good job on that blue Mustang. I am imagining what they would do to a 1950 Ford and drool a little just thinking about it.

Happy New Year, just keep doing like you did in 2008 and that will be wonderful. Will there be another Blogstock this year? Last year's was great.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ I've got a couple of those shots myself! jb///

Rachel said...

Blogstock was great fun Cliff. I still recall those sand flies biting my ankles while I picked cherries. Dang, those things hurt! I see how cold it is out there and wondered if you put blankets on those horses and ponies. Probably not!! I guess they are used to the NE weather by now and tolerate it.

Like Janell, that was the highlight of my summer...well..my whole year actually!! Everyone there and all your neighbors and family were all so nice!!

Shannon said...

Holy cow!!! An orange suburban. Now that will get some looks on parent drive! Love it!!! Sign me up!

Jamie Dawn said...

The great memories of Blogstock '08 will be with me all the days of my life until dementia sets in.

Your photoshopping skills could use some of Courtney's help. I'm not one to criticize about computer and photo technique though, since I am quite an idiot in those departments.

I enjoyed meeting Desiree. She's a friendly, smiley, pretty, funny young lady.

Peter said...

I didn't think it was possible Cliff, but your photo filing system is worse than mine!!!

Ralph said...

As cold as it is outside I think a lot of people are thinking about Blogstock and the nice weather we had back then.

Marla said...

I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet the fine people at blogstock! I was a secret reader at that time.