Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It Was The Day Before...

On July 3, we pulled the trailer and it's awkward framework to my mother in-laws home in town. We knew it would not withstand the rigors of 9 miles of country roads after it was decorated. It was getting pretty exciting by this point as we were not sure who might arrive a day early to help decorate. Jim and Mrs Jim arrived and then Jerry with his passenger Nora from Indiana. We had several visitors stop in. One of note was Terry Anderson, my editor for the Midwest Producer Magazine.
Whilst looking at the photos remember, everyone was to bring a poster to apply to the float.
The top photo: Jerry brought the ingredients for his poster and sat down to make it under supervision of Marilyn and her Mom. Her Mom is the original "Maxine."
Middle photo: The lovely Nora waiting for 'inspiration' on what to put on her poster.
Bottom photo: One side of the float with posters attached. More posters were on the other side as well as the back of the float.
Ralph and Char and Rachel and Desiree were working hard also but not pictured.
We left shortly after this for dinner at a local watering hole and karaoke.
Good times.


Peter said...

Were the ladies "helping" Jerry, or just waitin' to get their hands on him????

EV said...

It looks like Jerry is in a time out! And your MIL is telling him to think about what he did.

I love these pics, Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

That float was awesome!!
It totally rocked the town!!!!
I love looking back over the photos from that day.
What fun we all had!!!!!

Marla said...

The float really did look good! The pictures are fun to see!

Ralph said...

I read this and laughed. Just plain laughed. Did we have a good time or what?

Jim said...

Thanks, Cliff, for doing these posts. It will be a nice series.

Have you progressed far along with using Blogger to learn how to make 'Labels?' If so why don't you 'label' each with a unique tag name then I will make a link to it. I tend to forget all the good times little details after a bit.

Thanks too for the invite to the Super Bowl party. Will you be doing some of your famous BBQ'ing? It sure was good last summer.
A couple of things I could add:
1. Nobody put their hands on me. I am used to them doing that, patting me in respect of my age (I was the oldest guy there).
2. Mrs. Jim reminded me that I can't come to your Super Bowl party as her Sunday school class has invited me and I promised to bring berry pies and ice cream.
3. We are making plans for Blogstock '09 but perhaps it wouldn't have to be on July 4th. I think it would be cooler in June, especially for the parade.

Rachel said...

These posts sure do bring back memories and make me smile Cliff!! I'm glad you are doing them. It was FUN!!

In regard to your previous post, I remember coming out to the shed to look for more Burma Shave signs where you and Ralph were working on the float. You were both laughing so hard that you were about to drop the thing! Later you said that Ralph, while lifting something or trying to hammer in an awkward position, you told Ralph that you hadn't seen a look like he had on his face since Marilyn last gave birth! Then you both got tickled!

Great memories!!!

nora said...

My poster sucked. You can say it.