Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes

I have the next review post ready but must mention a few things that have really tickled me as of late.
First of all I channel surfed past the Golden Globe Awards last night and stopped for four our five minutes. It was very entertaining. Never have there been that many well dressed, proud, and totally insignificant people gathered together in one place to pat one another on the back side. They take great pride in enabling the downward spiral of society and are oh so arrogant about it. This while spouting political view points of which they know little. (If they did know anything they wouldn't have said them in the first place.)
I can truthfully say that I saw not one person I could hold up as a good example for any of my Grandchildren.
Just like the music industry they struggle and wonder why just a few make big money and the rest are left sweeping the floor when all they have to do is 'Shut up" and sing or act.
The other funny point I've seen lately is FSN advertising the Superbowl by telling about the upcoming "Brilliant, and Exciting halftime show." (They can't advertise the teams (we don't know who they will be yet) so the halftime show is all they have.? Again, instead of bringing in the two best high school or college marching bands in America to perform and then clear the field for the second half, they will bring in some has-been rocker to perform, with cane in hand, who is again, self centered and of no real significance to this world. They will spend millions on a guy (Bruce somebody) and show, that few will watch, and virtually no one wants to know anything about. All of this to keep a'breast' with shows in the recent past. It's a football game for crying out loud. All of this must be sanctioned by and is the fault of, the National Football League and is such a stupendous waste of money that it seemingly could have been thought up by our next congress and administration. Or to put it another way, this is a 'stimulus package' that even Janet Jackson couldn't have come up with.


Granny Annie said...

We are right on this bandwagon with you. My spouse is much more dedicated to the cause but I do my best to ignore this goofy "self-appointed elite" crowd. (Oh geeze but I do love my movies!) The Hollywood example to my grandchildren does bother me greatly until I get excited about something and they remind me "It's just a movie Granny Annie, it's not real."

Cliff, thank you for your very kind comment on my blog recently. I was honored to have such high praise from an excellent writer like you!

Gette said...

There was an awards show last night? And there are halftime shows at the Superbowl? I just watch the commercials...

Cliff said...

Amen gette. I would agree. Well actually I do watch the game.

Shannon said...

I did catch a small portion of the GG awards. The hubs loves 30 Rock and Tina Feys speech was hilarious! But I agree about the sports and such being overrated. Football players are so glorified here (they can do no wrong at school and get away with murder) that the hubs has told the oldest boy to not hang out with them at school, lol.

EV said...

The really frightening fact is that the GGAs have an audience. Then again, that provides a form of humor in and of itself .... kinda?

Peter said...

Yeah Cliff, we need another John Wayne!!

Re robbing a bank To fund a visit to Australia, from what I hear none of America's banks have any money left!!

Ralph said...

Brilliant, and exciting halftime show - all this means is they don't know what's going to happen either.
I have heard there is a football game on Super Bowl Sunday - for me it's the food.

Jerry said...

I spent one Superbowl Sunday sorting out Tupperware (matching lids to the containers). Most productive football game I didn't watch.

I slept through the GGs last night.

Paul Nichols said...

Last year I watched short bits (instant replays, actually) of the game, but only because I was at a super bowl party. I won a table game of Scrabble, which was close and exciting. Otherwise I haven't watched a super bowl game since the 80s or early 90s.

Look, it's a meaningless game, with a meaningless title, punctuated with old Roman numbers. I don't live in Rome. I live in America, fer cryin' out loud!

Anyway, if that game is so important, why are they going to do it again next year? And if I ever get tickets to that game, I'm selling them for my own "stimulus package."

Janell said...

Every time I have the misfortune to hear an actor speak, drawing upon nothing more than their own thoughts and ideas, I think of Romans 1:22; "Professing to be wise, they became fools,..." So yes, just shit up and act.

And re: the half-time shows; Yeah, right on, Bro! I miss hearing the sound of a fine trumpet section in a good old marching band.

And I've never heard of any wardrobe malfunctions with a band uniform.

nikkicrumpet said...

Amen to that!!! I wish they would just shut up and sing or act. Having some brain dead celebrity tell me who we should elect and what we should do with our military is insulting and beyond irritating. Just who do these people think they are? Great post!

Rachel said...

I didn't know the GG were on and wouldn't have watched it anyway. I don't know any of those people anymore since I don't watch much TV. I agree with "Shut up" and sing or act!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha, chuckle, snort!
My kids have chosen to have careers in the industries you speak of.
Taylor and I often have long talks about the music industry gods, present and past. One thing we've noticed is how some front men think they are kings worthy of everyone's full attention and adoration. Those with Me Only attitudes are real turn offs, even if they are talented musically and have great stage shows. I'm glad my son is noticing these things. He plans to have a music career, and he's a hard rocker, but he knows he doesn't have to be a butt hole to succeed.
Courtney is busy at college learning to make movies and put up with the TV and movie industry. I love that all her projects (so far) have sweet themes and are a pleasure to watch.

So many of the "idols" in our society whether they are sports heroes or movie stars or singers are not great role models. I think that is sad since they could do so much with their celebrity status to make the world a better place and to inspire kids in good ways to become the best people they can be.
Instead, they are often role models of what NOT to do in life.