Monday, January 05, 2009

Year In Review- Dec 2008

Marilyn and I took the daughters in-law, and their families out to eat at one of Lincoln Nebraska's fine eating establishments. It was for their birthdays. Our camera caught this pic of Grand Daughter Allison. The restaurant's name is Misty's. Her eyes are not. Her dad has warned us not to look directly into her, or her sisters eyes. For good reason. They will get what they want.
Paul put her in his hats blog a while back. Here you can see both eyes instead of just the one in Pauls post. She makes Grandpa laugh inside when she comes to me and begins lecturing me while she waggles her finger in the air. She is often serious with adults because she has a lot of things to clarify. I have to look to her folks for an interpretation. I know she'll grow up wondering what kind of health problem Grandpa Cliff had. He always had just a smile on his face but his stomach and chest were always shaking when I talked to him.

Alli's two sisters were there too. Georgia and Madi. Madi always has a big smile for the camera.
Hudson made the trip to the restaurant too.

Hudson's Dad was a cute little boy with long hair too.
Now for the picture I didn't take. It's burned into my memory forever. It was taken by my mind on the way out of the restaurant. From our table to the front door must have been a good 60 foot, straight walk.
I had little Georgia seated in her carseat and hanging from my right elbow. As we walked slowly toward the door, Georgia's Dad was ahead of me carrying one of her big sisters and holding the hand of the other.
Ahead of him was Tom carrying Hudson. Everyone dressed for the bitter cold weather outside. The three men in the group carrying and tending all of the children. Good memory. The women followed along and chatted.


bobbie said...

You have a beautiful brood there.
Yes, I can see why you could be mesmerized by Allison's eyes. Gorgeous! And they all have winning smiles!

Ralph said...

In case you haven't noticed (and I am sure you have by now) you might have the same problem with Hudson as with the girls. I have a feeling Grandpa and Grandma will get him whatever he wants.

Lanny said...

Oh what sweet children, why shouldn't you look into their eyes and succumb to the power?!

What a nice parting picture for everyone to see. There are plenty of daddies out there who's knuckles just skim the ground nicely! Just enough macho but not too much! Those are the ones who have learned what really make a girl weak in the knees.

Rocker_MoM said... sweet.

Marla said...

Allison has beautiful eyes. All of your grandkids are pretty darn cute. I know my grandson are pretty good looking to.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Just beautiful !
Memories for a lifetime!

Paul Nichols said...

Granddads are much better at handling little girls. So let the women lolly-gag behind.

I took my two littlest granddaughters out for ice cream cones the other day. Their inattentive moms came along later and said, "Where'd you get those headbands?"

"Granddaddy said to tell you we got 'em at Victoria's Secret."

gel said...

Your family grows more adorable each time you post photos. Happy New Yr, Cliffers to you and yours!

Shannon said...

Love it!!!!

EV said...

That's quite a gang, Cliff. I found a big grin on my face as I read, too.

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Kids are a blast, aren't they?

JunieRose2005 said...

Beautiful kids, Cliff!

I know you enjoy every moment spent with them!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year with lots of family time together!


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how the men tend to the children now, and the women talk. IN MY DAY *argh* I had my arms full, couldn't eat because I was busy feeding the baby, and my husband ate his fill and headed for the car with the entourage bringing up the rear.

Rachel said...

Great pictures Cliff!! You do have a wonderful family! Hudson has grown so much and how cute!! You better watch out for JD trying to steal him now for sure!

Dan said...

Great blogs lately, pictures are good!

Lucy Stern said...

Allison has some big eyes....Cute.

There is nothing better than family, is there?

Peter said...

Couldn't you just bottle some of those special times Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Allison's expressions are so cute and so funny! She has award winning attitude!!!

Yep, I like seeing men take care of their kids. Men can be nurturing and loving. We women like for our men to be men, but we also like to see their softer side now and then.

Great photos of your beautiful grandkids.
You and Marilyn are very blessed.

Happy New Year!!!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! You have an amazing family. When Allison comes to you and says, "Look into my eyes, pop." Run. She may ask for your farm.

Awhile back you asked if we had the day after Christmas off. Even though President Bush call it a Federal holiday, we had to work. Our police have a little clause in their contact that if the Township closes for any reason other then the scheduled days, they get double time.
Wish we did have off though. It was the longest day. I had three phone calls and two people came to see me. Boring.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lisa

Rachel said...

What'cha smoking Cliff?? My name isn't in here anywhere!

Granny Annie said...

That last picture is the very best. You can carry it with you at all times!