Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dream World

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska should be ashamed. He voted to confirm Timothy Geithner, a tax evader, to run the U.S. Treasury. To believe Geithners story takes a leap of faith. The same kind of leap it would take to believe that a bailout will do anything but complicate the issue. (It's akin to parents who decide they don't have guts to discipline their six year old and instead give him more candy) It takes the same leap that says our U.S. tax dollars should now be providing abortions around the world by executive order.
In all of the incredible confusion and chest beating in New York and Washington D.C. this past two weeks, I thought it very pleasant to read that the only hero I've seen on the National stage in a long while did not want a hero's welcome when he returned to his home town in California. The big welcome for the pilot of the plane that was landed in the Hudson River was tempered by the fact that the pilot took the stage, spoke for 15 seconds and it was over. His words in effect were, "Our entire crew were simply doing what we were trained and paid to do, thanks for coming." He then held up his plaque, waved, and it was over.
Oh that we had men like this in Washington.


Ralph said...

I saw the news reports of that pilot. It might have taken him 15 seconds to walk up there say his few words and walk away. I'll fly with this guy.
And yes, we do need that kind of leadership now - humble and not self-serving.

Cliff said...

Yes Ralph, you could see how uncomfortable he looked up there on stage.
I would fly with him too. If I had too. I'm not a fan of the friendly skies.
I think that comes from the pilots telling the attendants when I walk in.."let me know where he plops down, I'll need to make some adjustments."

Lanny said...

Cliff?, aren't the fella's that you are disappointed that they are not like the pilot really actually like the pilot? Aren't they doing what they were trained and spent their adult lives being paid to do?

I wish everyone had to do real jobs along with the ones I'm not so sure are real.

But we are more impressed by the not-so-real jobs aren't we, look at the salary not-so-real jobs get.

TG being part of the G30 and being given a pass is classic symptom of this.

Yes, I wish we had more real people really running this country. Does that make me an idealist about realist?

EV said...

I'm confident he wouldn't touch politics w/ a ten foot pole. He's PILOT not a snake charmer.

I applaud his talent and humility, too.

Paul Nichols said...

Hear! Hear!

My son's a pilot and his reaction was, "Well, he knew all his options and he chose the right one, looks like."

Jamie Dawn said...

You disabled comments on your previous post.
I was thrilled to see ALL Republicans vote against this big spending bill. Hooray for them! Now, we just need to reign in those few liberal leaning Republican senators and get them to vote against it too. That is wishful thinking, I know.
I wrote both my senators and asked them NOT to vote for this bill when it comes before them. I wrote my representative before the vote to ask him to vote against it, then I wrote him after he voted for it to scold him real gooood. I'm aiming to take his seat from him in two years!! In Arkansas, I'm surrounded by Democrats!! We need some good Republicans to run in AR and represent us conservative minded people.
I could replace the entire Obama administration with certain blog buddies, and I KNOW our country would be far better off.