Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogstock '08 Re-Visited...again

I had asked my brother to be in charge of insect control for Blogstock. On the morning of July 3rd whilst Ralph and I were fighting with what would turn out to be the float, my brother dropped by and sprayed the perimeter of the event area thereby taking care of the crawling and flitting creatures. I don't recall anyone swatting at a skeeter during the event. When he was finished with a ten acre perimeter, Desiree ran into the shed and excitedly pronounced, "That was absolutely the COOLEST thing I've ever seen." She got over it.
I told you none of this was in order. After we had completed decorating the float, (Decorating a float or a Christmas Tree are very similar, you never know if you're done.)
We proceeded to a local cafe/bar/karaoke joint.
The middle photo is of Jim and Mrs Jim. It looks like water they are drinking. Maybe, maybe not. Terry from the Midwest Producer (editor) and I are talking about the sanity of all of this. Terry and I later got coerced into singing a song. (I'll go to my grave. by the Statler Brothers) I will get even with whom ever did that.

Bottom photo: Rachel on left who is hiding Char, my MIL in red, Nora, Desiree, and Jerry and Marilyn with her back to the camera. If you expand the picture you will see I either caught Jerry in the middle of blinking his eyes, OR it was during that point when he was trying to pick a fight with Jim. Thank heavens it never got past the wrestling around on the floor and kicking and screaming stage.


Paul Nichols said...

I just told My First Wife that we HAVE to go to Blogstock 09 this year. She said, "Huh?" which I take to mean, "Yes, Hunny! Let's do! I can hardly wait."

I left a comment on the post below, about the time you were posting this, I'd say.

Marla said...

Are you having a blogstock 09? Nice pictures again!

Ralph said...

Good recap Cliff. Man that was a good time.
You know, Jerry really does look a shady character in that photo.

Rachel said...

What great memories!! I got some of that bug stuff on me while trying to take a photo of that plane as it buzzed over the house. Your brother said it would kill any lice or anything I might have!!

Great picture even if Jerry is mid sentence or whatever!!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! I have enjoyed your re-visits to blogstock. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themself. But it looks like Jerry is tired of having his picture taken. (There's that d****m thing again. If I get my hands on...) I would be careful to keep the camera away from him next time:o) Lisa

EV said...

Jerry and Jim .... the mud, and the blood and the beer??? I'd never guessed.

I'm enjoying this tour. It's like being there, Cliff.

nora said...

This reminds me that I don't think I ever sent you a copy of the paper that I wrote about Terry singing. I need to dig it up - before I recycle it.

Cliff said...

Hey Everybody, Nora is ALIVE!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Jerry Versus Jim! Fight to the death... or until the meal comes.

Rachel sure looks pretty in that photo.
She has a nice smile.
She's just nice through and through.
Nora looks cute there too, and so does Desiree.
Jerry look MEAN! He's giving Jim the evil eye.

I don't remember swatting a single bug, so your brother did gooood.

Jerry said...

I didn't know that Ed sprayed the perimeter before the event. He's a good egg.

If you follow me with a camera, before long you're going to end up with one of "those" photos. I'm so photogenic. Yikes.