Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's Who in Blogland

This is the now famous Blogstock '08 float. You know most if not all of these people. I also know the proper way to do this is to provide a link with each person in the photo. Nope, not gonna do it. They're all on my sidebar. l to r: Janell, Cliff, Ralph, Desiree, LZ Blogger, Jerry, Rachel, Jamie Dawn, Nora, and Jim.
What better way to get the brain working again on this January 20th, a really dismal winter day, than to take you back to mid morning of July 4th, 2008. The location is my home town here in Nebraska.
All of the people in the picture are bloggers and spent the 4th and 5th in our community.
Janell who is a local, (very nearly) had joined us decorating the float the night before this pic was taken, as well as Jerry and Nora and the Jim's. Jamie Dawn and her family had just arrived at about this moment as well as LZ and his wife. Ralph makes Desiree laugh a lot so that's the reason for her posture. Thinking back, everything makes Desiree laugh.
Ralph's , Desiree, and Rachel had already been here for a couple of delightful days of slave labor putting up hay and picking cherries and erecting the big top tent and mowing lawns and ditches.
Everyone who came was to bring a poster to staple to that ingenious float design. We hired R & C float builders to design and manufacture it. Okay, Ralph and I struggled a lot in my machine shed to come up with this. We liked the final product. We didn't like it while we were building it. Ralph got so grumpy and unreasonable during the assembly of the float that I accused him of changing his political affliation behind my back.
I'm going to continue in this manner, post a picture from Blogstock, and write a little story. It's too much work to try and get everything in order. Working with blogger is like trying to neatly put to magnets together.


Lanny said...

What is up with Blogger? The only consistant thing that happens is that nothing consistant happen.

Hand me those magnets.

Oh, nice pic and memories. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Sheesh, I know what you mean about blogger. Great picture!!!

EV said...

Standing applause, these are the greats!

Cliff said...

I just noticed something. The women just can't keep their hands off of Jerry.

Gette said...

Still grumpy I couldn't come. Couldn't be helped, I guess. When/where is '09.

Granny Annie said...

Here you go again, touting your special little clique that the rest of us can only envy from afar. Even if we attend Blogstock 09 we'll never be able to bond with the original elite. Just like high school. but, hey, I don't have a problem with it.

Janell said...

I remember how warm it was that day. I was thinking about it last Wednesday as I drove to work and the mercury read -13 F. ouch.
R & C Float Builders did a great job!

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Raplh grumpy and unreasonable...NO WAY that could not be.

Great way to warm the heart on such a cold day!
Great Post!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I have been blogging since last april/08----my invite to blogfest/08, must have got lost in the mail---(well damn!!). I can see from the pic I missed a great hoedown!!---oh well maybe next year, ---oh wait!!--thats this year now. (lol)

Marla said...

Great picture of the elite group of bloggers. I am sure you had alot of fun!

Lucy Stern said...

Are you trying to make me jealous again? Thanks for the reminder of all the fun you guys had....sigh.

BTW: I like the dark meat the best too.

Jerry said...

"The women just can't keep their hands off of Jerry."

I think it was the shortage of wet towlettes that day.

Marcus said...

I have a dream...

I have a dream that one day, Peter from Holties House will stand amongst the Blogstock assembly.
Apart from his diligent and entertaining blogging I see that he also has the stomach size to qualify!!!
(G'day Pop!!)

Keep inviting him Cliff and I'll keep encouraging him from this side of the world.

Marcus (Son of Holties House)

Peter said...

Its amazing who you catch up with at Cliff Morrows Blog, as I've said before I would have loved to have been at Blogstock 08 but your fare subsidy didn't arrive Cliff!!!!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm not going to say anything negative about Blogger because I don't want to make it mad. It might curse me if I speak out against it. Hey Blogger - it's Cliff that is talking trash about you, not me. Please direct your anger towards him and treat me kindly. Thanks.

I recall how lovely the weather was on July 4th and 5th. It wasn't really hot and humid, and we were able to really enjoy all the outdoor activities. The horseback riding was fun, but photos of me on the horse are simply hideous. Oh well, I still did enjoy the horseback riding alongside the corn stalks. It was very nice. Courtney got some wonderful shots of Alison and Jacob eating cherries off the grass that had fallen from the tree.
Rachel DID complain that you had been working her from dawn until dusk. Actually, she enjoyed her time there very much! She was in need of a vacation, and Blogstock was just the ticket!
Blogstock was a success!!

nora said...

I shared Blogstock jelly with my cousins on Monday - lots of great memories. Thanks Cliff and Ralph!

nora said...

Looking at the photo of me makes me miss the camera and the ring, but not the 25 pounds.