Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyone Loves A Parade.... right?

And so the parade began under the watch of Old Glory. She was hoisted to this lofty position on equipment from a neighboring towns volunteer fire department. It had been years since I had been in the parade and had forgotten how many folks always line the streets of our town to celebrate the Freedoms of America.
We had people walking along and collecting canned goods that the crowd had brought to donate to the local food pantry. As I remember Janell and Ralph and Nora were usually out walking and collecting. I believe these pictures are mostly from the lens of Ralph's camera. That would explain why he isn't in them. If you remember others out walking you can let me know. Oh yeah, I just remembered my grandson Colton walked the entire route throwing out candy.
That's me behind the wheel and my iced tea on the dash. That mug is getting worn out so I probably need to check into a hospital again so I can get another free mug. It takes a great deal of skill to pull a float very slowly so I took on the air responsibility. Mr JD is on the right taking a pic and Desiree is walking on the left of the pic. Just left, around the next corner, is the Morrow clan and guests of Blogstock not riding on the float.
That's Char of Ralph fame with the camera, the little girls in the red polka dots are grandaughters of mine. They belong to son Dan with camera in front and DIL in blue blouse behind the girls. She is incubating Georgia in this pic.
Other son Tom is on right. We can't see his wife here but we can see 'His son, Hudson', who is being held by Marilyn. My mil is standing in white blouse between Dan and Tom. The rest are mostly my brothers and wives.
We all came back to this house (my mil's house) after the parade where we schooled up and went out to the winery. Next will be two or three pics of the winery and surrounding area and then we'll finally go out the farm to finish up. Thanks for sticking with me here.


EV said...

There's a lot of imagery here. You share in the crowds enthusiasm. I didn't get any candy though.

Jamie Dawn said...

You showed a pic of Desiree walking alongside, so that kept me from having to say that she was also one who walked along and collected cans and tossed candy.
Rachel and Courtney and I had lots of fun tossing candy and beads to the kids along the route.
What a great bunch of townsfolk!!


Rachel said...

It was so much fun!! You did a good job driving because you didn't toss any of us off during the parade.

It was all great!! I'm just so glad I got to make the trip!!

Ralph said...

I am still amazed how many people lined the parade route and how successful the food drive was. What a great, great time.

Lanny said...

I love the polka dot dresses, I can smell the just mowed summer lawns along the parade route. What great memories.

Marla said...

I had to drop by and wish you a Happy Birthday! I know that I am late, but I just found out! Hope you had a great day on your birthday!

Granny Annie said...

Okay so when are we going to start talking about Blogstock "09? What? When? Where? Who?

nora said...

"schooled up" -- I've never heard that phrase, but I love it.

Cliff said...

Nora: I haven't either.