Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay, This Is Funny

I've been laughing for the last five minutes. I hope I can explain this.
Last night I got an email from our lobbyist in Washington. Every one who is a supervisor and commissioner in our state would have gotten the same letter. Our lobbyist reports to us from the national association. Keep in mind that just like our Federal government, the National Association is run by the big cities.
The email from National was "An Alert to Action." We were all to contact our representatives in congress and urge them to vote FOR HR 1. (The big bail out bill) It went on to list the menu of brand new give away programs being offered by Obama.
We are going to get money for roads, bridges, health care, abortions, mass transit, modernization of homes, computers for the health care system, modernization of school buildings. I must have died and gone to heaven.
They wanted us tell our congressman to vote YES. YEAH we'll take whats behind all three doors!!
WELL...It seems the Midwest doesn't think the same as the big cities. We were all thinking: Who's paying for this? Will there by any chance be more government oversight? Will there be a doubling or tripling of the number of federal employees? Shouldn't Welfare be getting smaller instead of doubling? Shouldn't we be trying to grow businesses because they are the ones who hire people? Do you seriously believe that even one dollar will make it to middle America? Surely you jest.
I tell you all of this because I just got another email from the lobbyist. He said "most of you have emailed me calling my sanity into question." That's when I started laughing. Of course we did. Self sufficiency is pretty common when you get away from the population centers.
I'll give him credit. He said if it spurred us into action either way, then he had done his job. He did his job indeed. I called.


Jim said...

I am hoping for a larger amount for CitiGroup than is proposed. Can/will you ask him for that?
Otherwise I will have to pay for that new French corporate jet out of the dimished retirement income dividends (they have already cut once).
Each time my retirement money goes down that cuts on my 'blood, mud, and beer' money. Re: a comment a few posts ago about Jerry and me.
You've had some excellent posts lately, Cliff. (I have a hard time keeping up with them all.) We have some cold weather coming tonight, 40's by tomorrow night. I might stay in and blog to catch up.
Mrs. Jim is getting her golf in this morning and hopes it will be nice again Thursday and Friday.

Cliff said...

Golf? GOLF? I am envious.
Sorry about the jet. Yeah, something stinks there.

EV said...

.... welfare state economic solutions, embryonic stem cell research, increased government mandates for Detroit auto-makers, an agenda promoting global citizenship, referral of US domestic problems to Global Institutions for solutions, international taxes to boost US aid to foreign powers and the new buzz is an "International TV Channel" to facilitate global communication.

I'm in! Sounds exciting and like a Book I've been reading. Print more money.

Lanny said...

All this is good for a good belly laugh at least.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

have ya noticed the fantastic increase in our annual deficits since the liberal democrats took ovee three years ago, and NOW with a liberal President, hyping yet another 825 BILLION hand out program, now lets see, 750 billion, last year, now an additional 825 Billion, thats 1.575 TRILLION DOLLARS the libs will have given away----belly up to the trough guys, they are just getting started.

Cliff said...

The troubling part is both parties are responsible and this money that doesn't exist yet. We're going to 'make it up.'

Marla said...

I just think we are headed for big trouble with our new president. I can only pray, really not anything else we can do!

EV said...

Exactly, Cliff. It was the legislature that promted all the toxic housing debt, fiddled while Rome burned and partnered with the arrogant media. Collectively, we are all now hoisted on our own petard. May God be merciful.

Shannon said...

Good stuff Cliff. I thought the same thing.... where is this magic money coming from? Have you heard about the new bill the democrats want to pass for the radio? They want to silence Rush Limbaugh. The same people who downed Bush for eight years can't take someone doing it to their "savior". Turn about is fair play.

Granny Annie said...

Now Cliff, were you REALLY surprised by the list? You know we all saw this coming and as Gary said, this is just the beginning. As much as I want to support our new President, this is frightening.

Cliff said...

I can find (physically),, and write to (email)everyone who comments here.
I won't let anyone advertise their blog here who chooses to remain anonymous, take over a comment area on a particular subject and do it drive by style.
To get a popular blog all you need to do is write stuff folks want to read and then you'll have an audience. I have many blogs I won't read. You should too.
Think of it as a newspaper that requires a real signature.

Cliff said...

Sorry john, identify yourself publicly and where you live and you're in. Maybe.
Try reading bobbie, she's far down on my blog list. You'll like her.