Monday, March 14, 2005

114th Birthday

Marilyn and I recently traveled a couple of states away to visit the sibling closest in age to me. One of my 4 brothers. Our wives share the same birthday. The two times we've done this we add their ages together and celebrate that. Seven years ago we did the all important 100. Last week 114. They bake their own cake and plan the party and guests.
My Brother announced to me that his son and his new bride would be traveling the eight hours to come to this party.
Later that day I was sitting in the kitchen of their house, with my sister in-law. Just the two of us. Making conversation I said, "So,,, when's Jon and his wife going to be here?? (her son and daughter in-law) In a very excited tone she said "Oh, are they coming? I knew in an oh-nosecond that this was to have been a surprise. (an ohnosecond is that moment between when you press the 'enter' key and realize you shouldn't have)
I did what every good God fearing Baptist would do, I lied. I said "No"! "I mean yes they're coming week, maybe, I didn't actually talk to them myself, I shouldn't have said that, that was supposed to be a surprise." "Do me a favor, act like you didn't hear that". I looked out their back window, onto the patio where my Brother was placing a piece of prime-rib on the rotisserie. He was probably thinking that in about 60 minutes, his loving and faithful wife was going to get the surprise of the year. While I was sitting inside, staring at him, and ruining the surprise.
I suppose this is why I don't get invited to many surprise parties.


bridgesitter said...

Cliff that is such a good post. You described the feeling so perfectly when you said "it's that feeling after you hit the enter key and you realize you shouldn't have". I was laughing out loud....

bridgesitter said...
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bridgesitter said...

I accidently pushed the button two times, once with my hand, the other with my forehead. I had to take one off. Sorry!

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

I swan Honey, never tell a man a secret.