Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Chef Roger'

I attended a customer appreciation night for a local crop insurance firm last night. They invite their customer base and hire a local farmer to cook the food. His first name is Roger. But when he cooks, everyone calls him Chef Roger'. (row-jair)
He cooks for various local events and his biggest asset besides the obvious cooking talents of He and his Wife, is the big smoker-grill he pulls behind his pick-up. I get hungry just looking at that big, black, motorized trailer. He can cook meat. And I mean he is good. I've had his prime rib several times, and last night it was the cut of meat that the New York strip comes from but I don't know what they call it. The green beans were good, the baked potato with every topping you can think of was good, and a great salad.
The conversation is funny at one of these. I sat down with the next door neigbors (they live about a mile west of me) and talk about the price of corn, beans, combines and on and on. UNTIL we get our food and everyone is silent. Except for an occasional "wow" or "thats the best meat I've ever had" or "how does he do it" or "are you going to eat that".
Well I've made my decision where to buy my crop insurance again this year and as for Roger' and Mrs. Roger'. Somehow they get better everytime out. It seems impossible but they do. I must eat breakfast and run. hmmm I wonder how Roger would cook a frozen sausage patty?


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...


I was eating breakfast while reading this - first time in my life I ever had the urge to put BBQ sauce on corn flakes.


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

You remember those Saturn car commercials where they hold the big ole BBQ in Tennessee or somewhere and invite everyone. All the food looked so good, and everyone was having a great time.

Yah well, we owned a Saturn and I never got invited to any stinkin BBQ.

At least your company actually sends the invites.

Can you freeze dry that stuff and send me some?

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

So you hunger after a spiffy trailer? Do you and your wife want to travel in it?

BTW, thx for your note on my site. You posted on an earlier post (which is no problem, I've done that all over your site, while catching up reading here :).

Hope you see the current photo.(I don't beg well, hehe) It's been extremely well received. Just ask Raplh and Bridgesitter. They've inspired me in ways they dont know about yet.