Wednesday, March 23, 2005

City Sweetcorn

While in the Denver area, Marilyn and I and Ralph and Char traveled to Loveland to eat lunch with Marilyn's Dad and his wife. They guided us to the Black-Eyed Pea. We don't have those where we live and it was my first time. When trying to pick a 'side' to go with my entree', I picked Fried Corn.
You see when you grow up in a farm community, sweet corn is a science. Many farmer gatherings will turn into a discussion of who has bragging rights to having raised the best sweetcorn. It's not uncommon for farmers to pay in excess of $100 for sweetcorn seed. It's doesn't seem extavagant when you've just ordered $25000 worth of other seed. When the corn is ready we all eat sweetcorn with butter and salt and pepper. We (the Morrow's) freeze 50 to 100 bags of 'cut-off the cob' corn. When we near the end of the season and we've just about enjoyed as much as we can stand, we cut it off and kind of saute' or stirfry it with a pat of butter. I think it actually is pretty good, especially if you fry it until it starts to turn a light brown.
So there I was, anxiously awaiting my sauteed' corn. They brought everyones food, including mine and then said, "your fried corn will be out in a bit". I'm thinking 'how long does it take to stir a little corn around in a skillet'?? Then they bring me a plate with a cylinder shaped object that had been DEEP FRIED. All six of us looked at it. I looked across the table at Ralph and He was smiling and looking at me, then the corn, and then me... My fork wouldn't go in when I tried to stick it. Someone said, "it's a dipped in batter, deep fried, ear of corn". And I started laughing. They looked at me as though I was losing it. Someone said "maybe you'll like it, maybe you're on to something". I said I don't care how it tastes, I think slathering an ear of corn with Real Butter and too much salt is bad enough. In my eyes I had just ordered the equivalent of the deep fried Twinkie.


Anonymous said...

After having the privilege of partaking of Morrow Sweet Corn, I can only imagine the look on your face Cliff. You're right - sweet corn should only have butter and salt. Unless it's scalloped with oysters. The only reason I could think of to deed-fry it is because it's bad. Something that Morrow Sweet Corn never is.

Ralph said...

Just a couple of things. I tasted Morrow sweet corn. Even when you were apologizing for it being 'day old' it was the best sweet corn I ever had. Secondly, great post but it really doesn't do justice to the look on your face when they put that fried corn in front of you!

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Deep Fried Pickles are the thing around here. I've never had one. No one I've ever known orders one. I will not pay to try it, so I patiently wait for some idjut to order it so I can have a bite. No one will.


My favorite thing around here is that at all the fairs they put sweet corn on a bbq - husk and all and then sell it to you - surprisingly yummy. But, you do have to walk around with it so it's kinda hard to butter.

Rhodent said...

LOL...You should come to Florida and visit the Keys...they have a great desert which is frozen key lime pie on a stick and dipped in chocolate... much better that deep fried corn... which reminds me... have you ever heard of steaming corn on the cob in an aluminum garbage can?

Cliff said...

Rhodent, I assume the garbage can is fairly new.

Anonymous said...

Norma and I have all of the neat scenery up here, but we would trade it all for sweet corn. Mom sent us a cooler of sweet corn once when we lived in Montana. It got there about 2 months after she sent it. It wasn't very good. Sweet corn is supposed to be yellow not purple.

Anonymous said...

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