Sunday, March 20, 2005

Home Again

Yippee! We're Home. Twelve days on the road and we have made our final destination, home. I won't bore you with all the details although many of them will be brought out eventually. What a great time with relatives and friends. Tulsa, Dallas, Clovis, NM, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Hayes Center, NE, and then Lincoln and Tekamah. The old farm lane did look good though. I've got a lot of catching up to do in reading blogs.
My first observation surrounds my habit of ordering Iced Tea in a restaurant. When you get into the 'south', which I realize we weren't on this trip, you have to be careful to ask if they have sweetened it. (ruined it in my estimation)
Two of the nicest restaurants we were in, on this trip, I ordered Iced Tea and the waiter/waitress quickly said "It's passion fruit iced tea". I said without hesitation, "water please". "lemon"? "No water".
I ordered water because my wife has indicated on more than one occasion that I already possess an adequate amount of 'passion'. And I also said water on principle. Why must we change a basic to something else. It must be the 'classy' thing to do. But come on!!! Whats next??? Will it be... "I'd like the ribeye medium rare". "Sir it's the 'salmon marinated' ribeye". "What". "Yes sir, they delicately squeeze the juice out of raw salmon and then marinate the ribeye in salmon juice until it obtains that delicate bouquet that only salmon juice and prime beef can produce".
"Check Please".


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Glad you made it home alright. When down south I order ice tea. They brought me 'sweet tea' - it was like licking a sugar bowl.

magz said...

dang it, seems i just missed you guys! If ya waved northly whilst passing thru Benson Az (40 miles E of Tucson) i mighta had ya in fer some plain ice tea.. or a beer.