Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha's Out!!!

I am sooo happy. Martha is out. Seriously, given the nature of the crime, wouldn't a really big fine have been better. Her county or some charity could have used the money, and the taxpayers would have been spared the expense of incarcerating a criminal.
Our county does not have a jail. Our County Board is presented with a bill, every month, for 10 to 15 thousand dollars for incarcerating our prisoners in the next county. (which by the way is a bargain)
At our last board meeting I asked our county attorney if we could start a new 'fund' to bail our prisoners out of jail. You know, our County Sheriff arrests them, the judge throws them in jail, and the county board bails them out. Okay, a board member can't be saying stuff like that. I'm sorry. I was kidding. Sort of.
ps.. my boys down at the body shop have just called me on the phone and filed a protest of my use of the word 'muchly' in the last blog. Sorry, but you would think that with all of the words that have been invented, I wouldn't have to make some up. What do those folks at 'Websters' do all day.


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Have to agree - U.S. spent a whole lot of time and money to put a woman in jail for something that, while against the law, wasn't worth the money.

Big fat fine for Martha - make her pick up trash on the side of the highway or teach people in jail to read, something like that, and let's all go on our way.

Gel said...

shaking (my head)
Thx for this post- as you can see,it elicited a myriad of emotions, and none of them had to do with "etiquette" or "entertaining."

Cliff said...

Remember girls, "it's a good thing".