Monday, March 07, 2005

This Pelican and baby are a cement version of what Lewis and Clark discovered a few miles north of our place at what is now a state recreation area called Pelican Point. Named in honor of that event. Lewis and Clark noted a large flock of large birds the likes of which they had never seen. These two are at Morrow Kennels and they, along with the husband of the owner are hoping for warm weather. There is no snow here now. The kennel is located on the banks of the Missouri River, at least as it was located then. The river has since been moved about a 1/4 mile east as a result of the effects of time and the Pick-Sloan Act from back in the '50's.
Lewis and Clark and their men noted eating about 190 dogs on their 2 year journey. If my wife's kennel had been there then, they could have stopped for lunch. Just kidding. We only eat hotdogs, and all buildings at the kennel are air-conditioned.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

"They could have stopped for lunch" - that got me laughing pretty hard. Nice one.

bridgesitter said...


Thanks for your comment by the way Cliff. I am truly trying to ammend my ways. Everyday I fight to change my patterns of thinking. I really do. It is very refreshing to read your blog along with Marty's and Ralph's.

Do you mind if I use the word "wholesome" to describe you? Reading your blogs is like having a healthy breakfast. How's that?

Cliff Morrow said...

Thanks for those kind words bridgesitter. I appreciate you stopping by.