Thursday, March 03, 2005

I've Got Her

You've heard me talk about our 'Little Angel' who lives just up the road. She is my three and half year old Grand Daughter.
She spends most days around the kennel. She has a big play room in the building where Grandma grooms and she sometimes goes to visit Mom in the other building. Mom is either bathing dogs or grooming also.
They have an intercom system and let the little Missy go back and forth as she pleases. But of course she has proven herself completely untrustworthy. So when she leaves to "go see Mom". Mom will get a call, "She's comin over". When she goes the other way Mom might say, "ya got her"?
Yesterday she left Mom to go see Grandma. Mom called over, "got her"?
The Angel answers herself, "yeah, I got Grandma".


Gel said...

Priceless comment from your smart granddaughter! :)

As an avid dog lover, your wife's job is greatly appreciated here. Please be sure to tell her a blogger who grew up with 2 shepherds, had dogs in married life, etc says so! Extra TLC is very important to wives (or hubs) as someone's "I Love You" post (wonder whose? ;), so aptly implies.

(Because I'm the boss here LOL! well only in this comment space ;))

We carefully check out a kennel before using one. Usually, we were lucky to be able to "board" our dog at a friend or relative's house.-

Am adding your nephew Marty today. Tried to link him yesterday but Blogger was slower than molasses before there even was a Janurary!

Cliff said...

Marilyn has built her business thru word of mouth. You can't advertise your way into the kennel business. Same goes for daycare facilities. You have to earn everyone's trust.
She really has a way with animals. She has oftened been warned about a particualar dog, by the owners, "every groomer we've been to has been bitten" or close to it. And in 30 years she's only been bitten once. (dog gave no warning signals as she says they will before 'losing it'.
Thanks Green-eyed lady.

Gel said...

Very true, Cliff. If y'all lived near me, we'd have it made for care of dogs.
BTW, thx for reciprocating w/ the linkage. Many of your posts have subtle messages, caring and/or humor. I thoroughly enjoy the mix. It's the way Life is, which is why it hard to characterize my blog and stopped trying.

Gel said...

Oh, I dont' know if you saw my painting on my site of our departed Siberian Husky. (see "Play Me"). We raised her from a pup when newly married.

I had the shepherds while growing up. Always will love dogs, but I don't have the knack your wife does even though stray dogs do come up to me. IT takes so much more than that to run a great kennel. :)

Steve Austin said...

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jon said...

I was searching for dog house info and found this post. I agree totally!